• Media and entertainment
  • science & research
  • education & public services
  • marketing
  • video-marketing-2-512& advertising
  • videosurveillance & security …


End users

  • content creators
  • media production units
  • archive and records managers
  • data and traffic managers



  • Technology partnerships with media software and application manufacturers
  • OEM integration services

How similinks can streamline media management

Content creators

Similinks helps manage and gather multi-cams dailies providing

  • an overview of dailies before editing
  • a content based organization of assets instead of directories lists
  • similinks automatically detects and discovers
  • visual differences between edited and non-edited content

Data and Traffic Managers

similinks helps organize dailies and masters before backing them up off-line or on-line

  • Automatically spreads the existing key word meta-data to non-indexed content
  • Easily relocates master content based on short samples
  • Saves space on servers by avoiding unwanted replication