Similinks is a production of Spinal Image, a company of Archive TV group


Founded in 2014 it provides an automated shot-based cutting, indexing, search and discovery engine for media content products and services

“Similinks helps content creators, production teams and records managers extract maximum value from their footage.

Our unique shot-based signature analysis and discovery process taps into a large store of value held in dailies.
The focus on moving images makes it an ideal complement for media management applications”

“Our process is able to find identical or a similar content among 1 million assets in less than ½ a second.”

“We offer a web based API, plus engineering services to help you to embed our technology in your products and services.”

What they say




“We shoot a lot of footage and we don’t have the time to index all our rushes. We try to catalogue as best we can all our edited cuts, clips and films.

Similinks automatically distributes keywords and metadata from edited content to related shots in all rushes we have produced. Now we easily archive and organize all this material instead of casting it away.

Before we had a lot of orphaned production content in unindexed rushes. Now we use our MAM, seamlessly integrated with similinks discovery engine, to find and reuse this valuable resource.”

Serge … TV series film producer




“I use MAM software for keyword text-based queries. It returned indexed film content from edited footage. Similinks finds all similar shots in ALL rushes and dailies, even those I discarded in post-production, related to any shot in any edited version. Now my MAM queries run with this content-based search facility, sorting and retrieving shots that were previously buried in storage and as a result went unused.”

Mathieu C. post-production studio