video content discovery engine

Try similinks on your video content online now

Try out the similinks engine on a dedicated virtual machine

Upload up to 10 hours (5Gb) of video content – for test purposes only

Value-added integration with OEM – Test the API toolkit to integrate similinks sign and discover engine with your products

fast content discovery

Improves media production creativity by providing instant access to all identical and related content


leveraging media management

Smart automated indexing leverages media assets and reduces content management workload


designed to collect, classify, compare moving image base

Custom developped technology features shot-based signatures and video content identification, ordering, matching


unique shot-focused aggregation

of all types of video content


similinks calls the shots

detects and locates with highly robust accuracy
a segment of footage embedded in a longer piece of unrelated video content
to call in duplicate and near-duplicate shots

Shot to Shot

  • Duplicate detection
  • Unique signature ID
  • Cut and compare


Shots in footage

  • Autoindex and organize all media content
    from master cuts to rushes and dailies
  • Detect differences between edited and unedited content

Shots in catalogue

  • Automated keyword metadata spreading
  • Content based register
  • Similarity discovery

Features and benefits

leverages Media Asset Mining

Produce – 95% faster content search
Create – 70% increase in productivity
Reuse – smart exact-match and related-content retrievals
Curate – automated indexing for archival and organisation


Our Core Features

Produce and Curate


  • Content sampler and aggregator
  • Dailies overview
  • Duplicate shot detection

Organize and search


  • Extensive web-API
  • Embed technology
  • Automated indexing

Seamless workflow integration


  • Improves production processes
  • Augments MAM search base
  • Reduces information entry costs